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Sabar Glascrafts is an MSME registered Manufacturer and Exporter of Akhand Deep, Brass Pooja Diya, Panch Deep, Borosilicate Glass Pooja articles and Glass decorative items located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.
  • Aarti Deep / Dhoop Dani Aarti with Glass Cover
  • Panch Aarti – with Glass Cover
  • Samai Deep – Diya with Glass Cover

AKHAND DIYA / Akhand Deep from Sabar Glascrafts

A Diya or Jyoti is a Symbol Of Knowledge, Faith, Belief, Positive Energy, Emotion, Good Luck, Purity & Prosperity In other words, it represents the absence of darkness / ignorance.

Keeps You Connected With God's Own Network. It creates very auspicious Surroundings in your Temples, Home, Office and Shops.
ईश्र्वर से अखंड जुड़े रहने का उत्कृष्ट माध्यम
We would like to be a bridge between your faith and the God.
Lighting an Akhand Diya in the house brings blessings of the God and the mind stays relaxed. It attracts Economic prosperity, happiness & peace in home & family.
Are you looking for the Diya that remains Ignited for days... We can assist you.... We offer Different types of Oil /Ghee model Akhand Deep and Pooja Diya. Our Akhand Deep are unique Diyas with Oil / Ghee containers, which once filled, can keep the Diya ON for many days.
Let's begin a new trend of Gifting Spiritual gifting Cultural Gifting Corporate / Wedding gifts / Return Gifts. Gift an Akhand Deep to receive tons of blessings and positive feedbacks.

What is NEW - BETTER & DIFFERENT in our Akhand Deep than the conventional Diya ?

A continuous Oil / Ghee feeding systems with Glass / Brass Oil / Ghee Container to contain 150 ml., 250 ml., 500 ml.& 1 Ltr. capacity. The Uniqueness of our Akhand Deep is a Non-return Valve, which holds the Oil / Ghee against gravity inside the container and supplies only required amount of the fuel to the Diya, which in result saves 30% to 40% of the fuel, compare to the regular Diya. In addition, It gives beautiful look to your Pooja Room , House and Temples. The Akhand Deep is properly and carefully packed in duplex laminated box.
Oil and Ghee model Akhand Deep from.
ईश्र्वर से अखंड जुड़े रहने का उत्कृष्ट माध्यम
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